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Women Fly for Free March 9th 2013 at St Andrews Airport

Women Fly - Free Flights

March 9th, 2013

March 9th, 2013, we are offering Free flights to women of all ages who are interested in any aspect of aviation! Feel free to pass this along to any woman you think might be interested. Register on line at or email
or click here to register for your free flight!

Click here for video of women flying!

 Each participant will receive:
  1.  Introduction to: 
      • Science of Flight,
      • Aviation Weather,  
      • Pilot’s “Walk-Around”
  2. Info on aviation for recreation and careers, 
  3. Flight in small aircraft,
  4. Introduction to other women involved in aviation for work (pilots, mechanics, flight planning, air traffic control and more) or recreation, 
  5. Male family members welcome to attend ground briefings.
Women of all ages interested in pursuing aviation as a career or for recreation are welcome..

To book flights for March 9th, 2013, please email <>
  • You will receive a confirmed flight departure time
  • To keep your reservation, please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your flight departure time
  • Flights might not leave on time or may be cancelled/postponed due to weather
  • Please expect to wait - bring hot dogs for the BBQ (condiments provided) and drinks; games, a deck of cards to entertain yourselves. 
  • Most planes carry one passenger to provide more people with the best flying experience possible
  • All passengers are required to sign a waiver prior to boarding
  • Youth require their parent/guardian signature on the waiver prior to boarding.
  • Waivers are provided by email attachment once seats are booked, please print off the waiver, sign it and bring it to the Passenger Counter.
Acknowledgements - This list will be updated shortly. All aviation-related organizations, companies that support women in non-traditional careers, and organizations or companies that support women in non-traditional forms of recreation are invited to support this exiting event.

Thank you to the Flying Clubs, including Mountain City Aviation in Morden, Harv's Air at St. Andrews and Steinbach, and Winnipeg Aviation at St Andrews who donate their planes, pilots or instructors! The market value of each of these free rides is approximately $150.00 per ride!! 

Women Fly March 9th, 2013 is a 99s, Winnipeg Area Chapter event, co-sponsored by COPA with support from Women in Aviation, Women of Aviation, the Recreational Aircraft Association, Nav Canada and a growing number of other aviation related organizations to ensure that women interested in any type of aviation have the opportunity to explore the adventure of flying as a possible career choice and recreational option at a most friendly grass-roots airport - St. Andrews Airport!

In 2011 and again in 2012, the Springfield Flying Club, Recreational Aircraft Association, COPA, 99s and Women in Aviation worked together with flying clubs and flight associations in Manitoba and Saskatchewan to introduce a record number of women to the thrill of flying: 210 women in 2011 and 264 women in 2012. Many actually had an opportunity to handle the controls! And several have gone on to become pilots - a dream they had never imagined! One woman who flew for the first time in 2011, now helped with the 2012 event as a pilot and another helped as a student pilot! Thank you to all the volunteer pilots, marshallers, registration officers, helpers...over 40 volunteers donate their time, energy, money, and planes to make these events a success!! Check out for photos!

Blue skies and tailwinds!

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